2nd Grade

Can / Can´t / Can...?
Can means that you are able to do something.

I can sing a song.
I can speak English.
I can jump.
She can write.
She can play football.
She can play the piano.
It can climb a tree.
It can swim.
It can fly.
He can drive a car.
He can ride a bike.
He can read a book.

I can´t ride a horse.
I can´t play the drum.
I can´t fly.
She can´t sing a song.
She can´t run.
She can´t read.
It can´t talk.
It can´t use a computer.
It can´t pay the piano.

Can it climb a tree?
Can it fly?
Can it swim?
Can she ride a bike?
Can she dive?
Can she write?
Can he play football?
Can he play computer games?
Can he speak English?