Write your name at the top of the page
Let´s underline...
Let's sing a song.
Write down your homework in your datebook.
Fold the piece of paper in half.
Let´s sum up.
You just need a pencil and a rubber.
It's time to finish.
Let's check the answers.
You have five minutes to do this.
Back to your places.
Do your homework, please.
Take one and pass it back.
Let me explain what I want you to do.
Fill in the missing words.
Listen to me, please.
Close the door, please.
Open the door, please.
Do exercise 10 on page 23.
Write your name.
Read and answer. Open your book at page 7.
Can you start reading, please?
Once again.
It´s play time.
Cut it out.
Think about it.
Listen carefully.
Look at the picture.
Read and match.
Complete the sentence.
Describe the picture.
Circle the correct answer.
Label the picture.
Follow the instructions and draw.
Draw and colour.
Cut out and glue.
Complete the diagram.
Circle the odd one out.
Match the sentence halves.